Project Challenge: Following the Understanding by Design process and the Technology Design Cycle, all teachers will walk away with something they can use again in the classroom. (Unit planner here )

Your goal is to use digital storytelling to describe the changes in society that will influence education & convince other teachers why they are important. (Example of a digital storytelling project:
Life 'Round Here)
Role: You're a technology leader in your school.
Audience: The other international school teachers at TechTrain 2010 & the world, via the web.
Situation: Your digital story will be shown to the other cohorts in TechTrain2010 as an example of multimedia work that incorporates a variety of tools. Your digital story will be also be posted on the TechTrain wiki and your blog.
Product Performance: You will create a digital story using any tools you feel comfortable with (iMovie, PhotoStory, MovieMaker, GarageBand, VoiceThread, etc).

Process (following MYP Technology Design Cycle)

external image 3520372333_6d672ba22f.jpg
Investigate: Brainstorm idea, find pictures, explore digital storytelling tools
Plan: Write script, organize pictures
Create: Put movie together & Finish project
Evaluate: Share with the cohort & speedgeeking