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Here is where you'll find all the resources/links mentioned in the BreakOut Session from Day 1
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What's the difference between a blog and wiki?
Short Answer: A blog is about the individual - a wiki is about the topic

Wiki Links

Wonderful World of Wikis
Contains a variety of links for:
  • What is a wiki? Why wiki? Why not blog?
  • Setting up and maintaining a wiki
  • Presentation Notes for TechTrain 2010 (and other Presentations)

Room 231
Grade 5 classroom wiki - learning hub

Project Feel Good
Example of what a collaborative project wiki might look like

Example of a wiki connecting students around book titles - a 21st century version of a bookclub!

There are more links to other great wikis on the Links page (see navigation pane on the left of this page)

Blog Links

Room 231
Grade 5 Classroom blog

Blog Hosts (free)

Other Useful Links To Help You Get Started

Classroom 2.0 Ning
A fabulous place to start making connections, communicating and collaborating with people from around the globe. Discussions, forums, projects, tech help - you name it - you'll probably find it here! It's a MUST join! Created by Steve Hargadon

Online Projects for Teachers Ning
Looking for a project that's already been organised? This is the place to find it and to connect with educators from the around the world.
Created by Jen Wagner.

Blogging Contract - Example
Wiki Warranty - Example
There are more links to other great blogs on the Links page (see navigation pane on the left of this page). Blogs are organised into Elementary/Middle/High school blogs plus Professional Blogs, Hobby/Travel blogs too.