This EARCOS weekend workshop will be hosted at the International School Bangkok in Thailand and is coordinated by Chrissy Hellyer, ES Technology & Learning Coach, and Tara Ethridge, ES Librarian.

On behalf of ISB, Tara, Chrissy, Mike and Laura are so excited to welcome you to Bangkok for an exciting weekend of tech training for beginners of all levels. Just in case you're wondering who we are:

Tara Ethridge

profile_pic.jpgTara is currently the elementary librarian at the International School Bangkok. Having been a classroom teacher and lover of literacy for many years, she is now adding digital literacy skills to her repertoire and embedding these into her teaching. One of Tara's passions is helping teachers who are at the very beginning stages of using technology. We'll go slow and learn lots of new ways to use technology authentically.

Living and working abroad for sixteen years, Tara has called many places around the world home: the U.S., Ecuador, Venezuela, Cameroon, China and now Thailand.

She shares ideas for 21st century libraries and literacies in her blog, TechLibraryClassroom, and shares book recommendations in Great Reads.

Chrissy Hellyer

Chrissy arrived at Thailand two years ago to teach was 5th Grade at ISB Bangkok in the Elementary School. She has been using a variety of web2.0 tools in the classroom with students for seven years and firmly believes that authentic use of technology in the classroom is vital for today's learners. Previously she taught Year 2/3 & Year 7 in Napier, New Zealand. me.jpg

This year she has stepped out of the classroom and into the role of ISB's ES Technology & Learning Coach.
She has presented several workshops, working with teachers interesting in learning how to successfully embed technology into daily classroom practice without it becoming the "dreaded added extra".

Chrissy reflects on her own personal learning journey and classroom practice, sharing tools, tips and tricks along the way, on her professional blog, TeachingSagittarian

Mike Jessee

I am currently teaching grade 3 here @ International School Bangkok. It has been a bit of an adventure getting here, involving a 4 year stint substitute teaching in B.C. Canada, before I finally achieved a full time teaching contract. Ironically, once I was stable and secure, I left. My travels in Asia and meeting my wife eventually took me to Japan, where I began as a kindergarten teacher. This was also where I discovered the world of international schools. My first position was as a grade 5 teacher in Tokyo. This was really where I discovered how important technology is to today's learners (of all ages). One set of laptops was all it took! I began to integrate it into all aspects of my classroom, and haven't looked back since. As an educator, my goal is to make sure that technology is facilitating learning, not distracting it. You can check out what is going on in Room 210 by clicking here. Better yet, see what the kids are doing by clicking here.

Laura Chesebro

Like Mike, I am also in my second year of teaching third grade at ISB. Prior to living here I taught grade 2 in Shanghai, fourth grade and Spanish in Los Angeles, and grade 4/5 Spanish immersion in Seattle. I've never been afraid of using technology but at best I have stumbled through the last 12 years worth of attempts. From disastrous ePals accounts in my early years of teaching to the successful blog I have now, I've had my share of hits and misses. That's sort of the point of technology though, isn't it? Things come and go but as long as we have a few basic skills we can usually make it work. (Case in point...putting a picture in this wiki is straining my brain. So much to learn.) I'm a self-professed expert in buffalo wings, a prolific photographer with limited skills, and I secretly play the online math games I find for my kids when I think no one is looking. Laura.jpg